Friday, December 12, 2008

The healing journey

As spiritual beings, we have ever-present access to higher guidance from SPIRIT. To receive this guidance, we need to practice being clear and neutral. When our emotions are running high or we are holding unforgiveness in our hearts, our High Self disconnects and we experience the illusion of separation.

Of course, there is no separation but we can experience life as being so. It is our choice in each moment which determines the quality of that moment. Ask yourself, am I willing to let go of my personal judgements and invite the warmth and compassion of SPIRIT to guide my interactions with self and others?

My experience of Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) is that it is one of the most effective healing modalities available to humanity at the present time because it allows the practitioner to be neutral and grounded, allowing SPIRIT to do the greater part of the work necessary to effect change. When using this system of healing, the practitioner can check for percentage accuracy and completeness, ensuring infinite accuracy and completeness on all levels of being.

One thing that is vital to understand, however, is that healing often happens in layers. When one is ready to heal, the changes can be dramatic and swift but just because SPIRIT can heal us in zero time (no time), doesn’t mean it will heal us of all our “problems” in one go. There may be a lesson that our situation is teaching us and it may also be teaching those who are closest to us as well. We also need to let go of our attachment to when the healing should happen or how it should happen.

I was teacher assisting on a SRT course recently and one of the brave souls present decided to bring up a lot of past and present life issues for clearing, which caused the person great difficulty in breathing properly.

We trusted that SPIRIT would do the necessary work to clear the energy but still the student continued to suffer… we needed to let go and trust that the healing would manifest in divine order at the right and perfect time for that person.

Just a couple of days after the course finished, this happened... a natural outpicturing of all the work that had been done earlier.

Often, down the road, other issues may come to light because we are ready to handle them. As we grow spiritually, we increase our vibratory rate and are capable of handling greater tasks and challenges.

We never stop creating challenges for ourselves because we are here to learn. Powerful healing modalities like SRT serve to give us better insight into how we can handle these challenges as well as removing discordant energies which prevent us moving through them quickly.

How many times do we hang on to old, destructive energy patterns that aren’t serving our highest good? SRT can help us understand the many archetypal patterns which are stored within us and any erroneous beliefs stored within us which are sabotaging our desire for love, peace and joy.

No healing modality is able to clear something that the soul is not willing to let go of. Therefore, we must work with the soul to effect real change. As the planet’s consciousness rises, we can more easily clear our programming back to the void.

It’s not what happens to us but the energy we attach to the people, circumstances and events which enter our lives that causes us to experience love or suffering. We make decisions that take less than a nano-second and it is these choices which lead us to the outcomes we see unfolding before us.

SRT and Reiki help to clear the Akashic records, giving us the possibility of making clearer, self-empowered decisions which will bring harmony and wholeness. This is not a library stored in heaven somewhere, just as SPIRIT is not an old man sitting on a cloud watching over us. We contain the spark of our Divine Creator within us, and the Akashic records are stored within our first six bodies. We are walking around in the Akashic records, or at least a subset of it.

Darkness is a part of the great eternal that we call SPIRIT. It is not necessarily bad and we can choose to move to a greater understanding through bringing things into the light. It is only by accepting the totality of ourselves that we can become whole and free. We cannot push our feelings down into the depths of ourselves and choose to ignore them. We can only release that which we love, otherwise we are bound to repeat the lesson.

“Man minus ego equals God” – Sai Baba

We must constantly practise perception or discernment. No one can make us feel a certain way - our perception causes energy to move, creating an emotion, so if we can quickly recognise our judgement about a situation, we can choose to release it.

SRT and Reiki allow us to focus on the spiritual aspects of healing. From SPIRIT’s point of view, everything is okay, even when we are dealing with terminal illness. SRT and Reiki allow us to find and clear energies that are blocking the healing process.

Modern medicine has its place but falls into the trap of seeing the body as a mechanic device whose parts need fixing from time to time. Cutting edge quantum science is much closer to proving the truth of the matter. We are light stepped down vibrationally into physical form.

We actually know very little from our limited conscious mind perspective. Soul healing modalities like SRT and Reiki allow us to go to the highest (or deepest) level possible since we cannot merely address the symptoms to effect real change. The only way to greater understanding is through the Higher Power, the grandest part of ourselves.

We must endeavour to remember that everything is in Divine Order, whether we like it or not. Affirming this in our thoughts and actions allows us to be in the flow. When we resist life, we create more of what we don’t want, and this ultimately brings us more pain and suffering.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Unlimited possibilites

We live in exciting times where the possibilities for change and growth are unlimited. This time has been prophesized for ages, which the Hindus call the Dwapara Yuga, and widely referred to as The Age of Aquarius in the West.

With this time of great change, however, comes chaos and upheaval - the storm before the quiet.

Many people are facing illness on a personal level and unprecedented change on a global level. The collapse of the global financial markets is just one of many indicators that the old paradigm no longer serves us and will drop away as surely as a snake sheds its skin. How we choose to respond to this news will be different according to our belief structure.

We feel the pressure of these personal and global energy changes in our minds and in our bodies. This is creating a real need to slow down, get in touch with our real selves and understand just exactly what it is that gives us sustenance and growth. Materialism has sprung from a denial of our innate spirituality, which can never satisfy us at a deep level, and is the manifestation of an unbalanced root, sacral and solar plexus centre at the societal level.

Those who choose the old way will find the struggle more and more difficult. The old ways are not working... not honouring ourselves at the deepest level is having greater and greater consequences. Do we always put others first, wearing ourselves down and feeling resentful or do we always put others last, living in an ego-centric world which cuts us from the life-giving properties of love?

There are different entry points into consciousness. We simply need to choose one of them and stick with it to begin the process of change, and change we will.

For example, simply choosing to breathe correctly for five minutes in the morning, putting one's hand on one's belly and remembering how to take slow, deep breaths will begin to shift our consciousness to a more alive, dynamic state of being.

Stretching out our tired limbs and moving them around, gentle jogging, or a brisk walk can stimulate the physical body enough to remove stagnation in the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Paradoxically, just being still long enough to understand our inner messages is another entry point. In a society that is caught up in a dramatic whirlwind of activity, finding time to be still and quiet allows us the possibility of understanding our larger self.

Eating healthily is a vital part of feeling well but most people's bodies are running on junk. We would never consider putting rubbish into the petrol tank of our cars and expect them to run properly. Yet, we put rubbish into our bodies all the time. Food is alive, especially raw foods, and has a direct impact on the body's consciousness. If we can start to incorporate just a little bit of raw food in our diet, we will put ourselves on the road back to health. The old adage says, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away". What if it did?

Ancient wisdom is all around us and we have a great need to revisit these old, timeless messages which are just as relevant today as they were when they were first spoken. Hipprocates, the father of modern medicine, said "let food be your medicine, and let medicine be your food."

Every thought we think requires energy. Every word we speak requires energy. Every action we take requires energy. Where does your energy come from? Are you the captain of your ship, endeavouring to keep it steady in the choppy waters of life, or is your ship in danger of crashing upon the rocky shore?

The perspective of "I don't have enough time" often leads to limited ways of thinking and doing, and leads to poor choices in how we think, speak, and act, including the quality of food we put into our bodies.

SPIRIT is your constant guide and companion. It is ever present with you, although you may struggle to believe it is so. Healing modalities like Reiki, Spiritual Response Therapy and Theta DNA Healing work because they tap into the unlimited wisdom of Source energy, the Matrix of Life.

We were born to be alive, vital and strong with every breath we take. Yet even if we are struggling with our health, it does not mean we cannot choose to live, happy productive lives. Often, illness and death are great teachers, awakening our consciousness and healing our deepest relationships with ourselves and those around us, near and far.

I recently had a long term client come to me with cancer. It was difficult for her and yet, at the same time, wondrous events occurred.

Arianna (her alias) was in a state of fear, feeling anxious about her life, and depressed at the thought of her husband becoming a widower and her daughter losing her mother. After receiving some Reiki and SRT, she became very calm after just one day. By the second day, Arianna made a clear decision about what she would tolerate in her life and what she would not, and the universe supported her decision in the subsequent actions of those who were around her.

Her sister, who lived thousands of miles away, and who hardly took time off from her job, booked a whole month off to be a part of her support "team" to stand by her side. Arianna had made it clear she only wanted positive people around her and was not prepared to deal with other people feeling sorry for her or using her illness as an excuse to justify their own internal fears about life.

Her relationship to herself, her family and her job dramatically changed, almost in an instant. I do not know the outcome yet but I do know that this story is about the healing of relationships, which is what we are here to learn. To recognise that we are always in a relationship of some kind is to remember how to be alive today.

Are you living in fear, dictated to by your family, friends and perhaps even your doctor? They too, sometimes live in fear and may be unconsciously keeping you trapped in the prison of your own mind.

The flu jab is a key example of society's belief in fear. Do you really get sick each time each and every year or is it because you believe you will? Are you closely watching your thoughts to see where they are leading you?

We must learn to pay attention to our thoughts and words. Our body-mind is like a tape recorder, constantly recording everything we think, say and do and playing that back to us. If we constantly say "I'm sick and tired", then we will be, quite literally, sick and tired. If we keep saying that we can't, we will program ourselves to fail.

It is time to wake up from this sleep which is causing us to lose our birthright to live a life free from fear - free from the judgements, criticisms and prejudices of others. These have been given to us as young children and it is time to let go of these traps of the mind to claim back the one thing we all need to live healthy, productive lives. Love.

Love is the balm that heals all wounds. Love is the essence of creation. Love is power within. Love is acceptance. There is nothing that love is not. Fear is simply the absence of love.

Take the time to get to know yourself. Seek out good books, fill your mind with positive thoughts every day and things will change. Eat something healthy (raw) each day and things will change. Breathe deeply and fully, and things will change.

Remind yourself, why I am doing this? Who am I doing this for? Where did I learn this habit? Start to ask the right questions and the doorway of your mind will reveal new, unlimited possibilities.

The only thing limiting you is you.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Healing through the Heart

Most of our karmic patterning is set up within the etheric body, which we can sometimes perceive about half an inch away from our skin, and triggers in our daily lives cause this patterning to manifest itself as illness or dis-ease in our physical body.

Richard Gerber, M.D., in his book Vibrational Medicine, describes how "in reality, it is the organising principle of the etheric body which maintains and sustains the growth of the physical body."

Living in a state of limitation and feeling alienated from our physical bodies, we cannot activate our heart chakra and predominantly operate from the base, sacral and solar plexus chakras. Most of our interactions stem from karmic patterning, power, lust, greed and negative ego. The chaotic results of this behaviour are only too apparent in our world today.

To experience higher, peaceful, spirit-oriented communication and interaction we must learn how to be fully in the body. Soul-level healing modalities such as Reiki and Spiritual Response Therapy activate the heart chakra, empowering clients to begin to tap into their higher chakras, transcending their karmic, limiting patterns of the past.

Today, our urbanised, technological world has greatly exacerbated that feeling of separation from our Divine Self and many of us feel constant pressure to complete this task or that, never taking a break, always reaching for the next goal post. We have forgotten how to just be.

This persistent state of alienation in both our personal and professional lives means we are less able to deal effectively with daily challenges and we often develop coping mechanisms which develop into bad habits and finally illness in the body-mind.

Stress is defined as a "state of mental, emotional, or other strain." Whilst most of us have been conditioned to believe that stress can be positive for us, strain on the physical, emotional, mental or energy body is never a good thing.

Illness, or the manifestation of disease, results from the manifestation of toxins in the body caused by stress and other factors such as, a lack of physical exercise, poor eating habits and constant negative physical, emotional and mental habits. If toxins cannot be quickly eliminated, the toxicity increases until the balance in the body tips from health to illness.

Since we perceive ourselves as separate from Spirit, we unwittingly screen out our higher impulses. Activating, or opening, the heart chakra helps to develop compassion, connection and understanding for those around us as well as our own life circumstances and conditions, allowing us to become open to the higher messages of Spirit and the healing forces within. We are empowered to understand and transmute any negativity we may be feeling.

Healing is about becoming whole again, understanding that we are more than just a physical body. We must recognise that the body has its own consciousness, that it serves as a vehicle for Spirit, but that we are also operating through our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. It is important to balance all of our bodies for a lasting transformation to occur.

If we continue to maintain the illusion of separation, we will only experience more pain and suffering because we have not remembered who we really are, nor understood the lesson.

"The heart chakra, as the exact center of the personal mandala, suffers the greatest loss, and causes the greatest damage if it should fall too out of its place. Imbalances within the heart (the central core) can throw the entire system off balance. Not only is balance between the upper and lower chakras and between the mind and body necessary, but also between inner and outer, between self and transcendence." Judith Anodea, Ph.D., Wheels of Life

As the heart chakra opens up, we shift into deeper and deeper levels of consciousness and it begins to take predominance over the other chakras. Most chakras are portrayed as conical, narrowing in the center, and spinning. As the heart chakra opens up, we mutate and the chakra system begins to merge into a unified field, as well as the energy bodies around us. This is a beautiful experience because it frees us from fear so that we can experience who we really are.

Breath, as related to the element air, is one of the primary keys to opening the heart chakra. Unfortunately, the average person does not breathe very deeply because of bad habits they have been taught as a child growing up and this keeps them functioning at a lower level of consciousness than they need to be. If we can learn to breathe deeply again, we can use our intention and breath to quickly transmute our negative feelings into positive ones. This is one of the golden keys for healing the body-mind.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Reiki as a spiritual practice

As the pace of life continues to accelerate, it is even more imperative that we all learn to slow down and focus inwardly.

Many people are being drawn to learning about healing modalities such as Reiki because it promotes self-awareness and helps them to find a sense of balance and perspective. With daily practice of simple energetic techniques and clear intent, Reiki students find they are able to relax, detaching from the moment to moment pressures of the outer world and understanding at an energetic level what inner changes need to occur to bring about greater peace and health.

Yet others are being drawn to yoga, tai chi, qi qong, and pilates and other forms of body movement which naturally brings through an experiential understanding of the invisible energy, commonly referred to as Chi or Ki, that permeates all of life. Body and mind are one, so working with the body will naturally have an effect on one's thought processes.

A practice is something one does with regularity, consistency, and a strong desire for improvement but whereas a practice often reflects the needs and desires of the personality, a spiritual practice is something one does that honours the Soul.

A spiritual practice can renew our sense of purpose, removing the outer mask that prevents true self-expression, allowing more love and joy to unfold in every area of our lives, from performing the most mundane trivial task to the exciting new experiences that we wish to embrace.

We are all born with a sense of wonder and a knowing that we are interconnected with everyone and everything around us. Challenges throughout our lives often cause us to put up a barrier which prevents further harm but which begins to isolate us from others and from our true self. We simply need to find a way to feel connected again.

In truth we are never separate from our world but we can easily perceive the world to be a fearful, harsh place, one that is separate from our own existence and from which we need to shield ourselves and our loved ones.

Many people are drawn to Reiki through what I call limit situations, a string of seemingly unrelated bad experiences that continue to plague their physical, emotional and mental health.

Reiki is an ancient form of healing and spirituality that honours humans as spiritual beings and reveres the Earth as a living, conscious entity. Practicing Reiki can help those of us living urbanised and technologised lives to understand how to understand themselves and their place in society and how to live in harmony and kinship with each other and with Mother Earth herself.

The gift of Reiki allows a practitioner to begin to view life and life's challenges from a detached, spiritual perspective, not easily achieved in a state of ordinary consciousness. The daily practice of Reiki can help us create that little space for ourselves now, realising that outer distractions and commitments will always be there.

Have your dreams fallen to the wayside? Did you have ideas about what you would like to learn, do, or try out? So many of us have said to ourselves, "when I have more time...", "when I have more money...", "when the kids grow up...", "when I get a pay rise...", the list of limiting ideas is endless.

Most of us have had deep, inner longings that we have brushed aside because we were socialised to do so from a very young age. We did not stop to question the outside authority that dictated to us. With the planetary shifts that are occurring with increasing frequency, it is becoming harder and harder for many of us to continue ignoring these stirrings of the Soul.

Are you watching too much TV, slumping down on the couch, snacking on unhealthful foods, only to realise that the evening is over and you feel even more tired than before. What would happen if you changed your routine and went for a walk after dinner? What would happen if you gave yourself permission to have a bath and curl up in bed with an inspiring book, one that would give you new ideas about what you could do?

It is not so much about learning new ideas than breaking down old, limiting patterns that have accumulated during our lifetimes. By committing to self-healing, by breaking away from these old habits, we can gradually discover our true natures. The universe has a flow and so do we. It is much easier to go with the flow than against it. Reiki can allow us to heal the timeline and synchronise our hearts and minds once again.

Reiki can teach us how to own our power again. When we block our own power and expression, we are withdrawn and appear cold and controlling. This control takes energy to maintain but it does not produce energy. Our natural enthusiasm for activities diminishes and we have to “manufacture” energy for our projects, reaching for stimulants such as coffee or sweets.

When we withdraw from life, we become a closed system, instead of the naturally dynamic system that we are meant to be. Our expression turns in on itself, often in anger and self-criticism, which wears us down further. Reiki can help us love ourselves again, getting in touch with our true desires. If we are not loving with ourselves, if we are not connected to Spirit, we have no spark.

Within a culture and educational system that teaches powerlessness as a way of fostering social co-operation, we must re-examine our concept of power. Reiki teaches “power within” as opposed to “power over”. Reiki is heart centred. Reiki focuses on the unity of all life, helping us to act in way that empowers our own lives and everyone whose lives we touch.

The system of Reiki is for everyone, whether young or old, whether child, teenager or adult. Each can benefit from drawing more Ki through them to strengthen and cleanse their inner core. No matter what the physical, emotional or mental state, it can only be of benefit.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The natural ebb and flow of money

There is a natural rhythm to money, just as there is a natural cycle to everything in life. Every business has an ebb and flow. Every person has cycles in life, times when money is coming in more than it is going out and vice versa.

Our challenge is not to go up and down emotionally with the natural ebb and flow of money in our lives and to instead use these cycles in a way that furthers our prosperity.

This is particularly important at this time of financial insecurity and prophesies of doom and gloom. The economy has been in a state of ebb for the previous twelve months with many feeling the effects of the "global credit crunch" which has been caused by various factors - an increase in petrol, food and fuel prices and negative equity in the property market to name a few.

Unfortunately, our media are conditioned to draw our attention to these negative "facts" over and over again, which is making daily life a much more painful reality than it needs to be. Remember that whatever we give our energy, focus and attention to, we attract more of - economic conditions are more affected by our beliefs and expectations, than by oil prices or political acts. This is true for each of us personally, as well as for everyone globally.

The challenge of an ebb state is to believe in our future prosperity whilst taking positive action steps to affirm that prosperity now. If you are living your life with joy, affirming abundance through every thought you think, every word you speak and every action you take, you will not be as harshly affected as others might be. With higher and higher levels of self-mastery, you will be able to draw to you what you need when you need it, and be less affected by natural or global cycles.

An excellent affirmation to start the day with is, "My energy is open and flowing in every area of my life."

Have you noticed that there are, in fact, many honest people who find their abundance increasing during an economic downturn. This is easily shrugged off as mere chance but closer observation often reflects a degree of awareness and mastery.

The demand for organic food is a good example of a market where sales have actually been increasing despite the pundits sounding the death knell for the organic market earlier on this year. Since organic farming relies less on expensive chemical inputs and uses less energy than conventional farming methods it has been shielded from escalating seed, spray and fuel costs. Further, many consumers have realised that not only is it great for the environment and one's bodily and energetic health but it can actually be far cheaper than buying "low cost" food from the supermarkets.

My personal experience of the global credit crunch has been that demand for my services has actually doubled over the last twelve months. I have found that, rather than people seeing energy work as a luxury service, clients and students have seen it as a vital step to bring themselves into balance, which in turn has allowed them to attract greater physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and financial abundance.

During this time of personal and planetary change, we need to avoid internal and external criticism as much as possible, refraining from blaming politicians, countries, or anyone else for our personal circumstances or the global economy. Blame is a sure method of giving our power away and places us in the victim role energetically speaking. This lowers our energies and brings us yet more experiences of lack and victimhood.

I suggest trying to find daily examples of prosperity and good fortune to buoy your faith and increase your own magnetism to abundance. We all need to feed our minds, hearts and bodies with loving energy, and give ourselves permission to see with "rose tinted" glasses.

Picking up a copy of the latest Big Issue (September 8th-14th), I felt blessed to read some fascinating stories of vendors who have used the magazine as a springboard to fulfil their potential. It filled my heart with joy and deserves a mention here.

Three years ago, Spanish born Big Issue vendor, Carlos Gonzalez was on his pitch doing his customary magazine juggling tricks when something amazing happened. A photographer for the National Geographic magazine, who he had shown his own photos to a few weeks before, gave him a professional camera.

The photographer was in his seventies and couldn't work much longer due to his Parkinson's disease, so he gave me Gonzalez one of his cameras. It was a turning point for the 33-year-old, who from that moment began to take his hobby for photography more seriously. He started going out specifically to 'hunt' for photos, discovering what subjects he preferred and developing his style.

Gonzalez's launch as a professional art photographer came about soon afterwards, when the Big Issue Foundation was the guest charity at the Affordable Art Fair. Seeing an opportunity, he asked if he could have a stand. He was told to "be realistic" and that he "probably wouldn't sell anything" but he wanted to do it anyway. Following his inner guidance he ended up selling 75 prints at £80 each!

Since then, his images have proved hugely popular, selling in their hundreds and prompting six exhibitions around the capital. Many of shots, which are never digitally retouched, show iconic sights of London but from a totally new perspective.

Focusing on stories such as these is an effective way to step out of negativity, whether internally or externally generated.

Doreen Virtue, well-known author and clairvoyant who works with the angelic, elemental, and ascended-master realms, offers us the following loving advice: "If you are around someone (including a media report) who is making negative statements about money or the economy, silently (or aloud if the person is open-minded) say: 'Cancel, Clear, Delete' or 'In spiritual truth, we are all perfectly and abundantly supported. I now open my arms to receive and share plentifully.' "

The key to mastery is detachment from the outcome, both mentally and emotionally. We are invited to bring joy into our lives and to rest our minds knowing that our finances are already divinely resolved.

Whenever we receive strong intuitive leads to do something positive, we must take action without delay, honouring our inner guidance. Important messages often come to us as an emotional or physical feeling, an idea or flash of inspiration, a vision or dream, or words that we hear.

If you are experiencing ebb, release yourself from fear and self-punishment. Use ebb periods to get clear about money in your life. Continue to see yourself as prosperous and ask yourself what advantages the situation brings. There is always a higher reason for changes in the flow. You may have more time to start doing the things you have been wanting to do: acquiring new knowledge, thinking, relaxing, exploring new avenues, going away for a few days, having some me-time. Not being busy might offer you the opportunity to look at new directions your work could take.

Ultimately there is always a way out of an ebb. The key is to recognise your ever-present abundance and allow your creativity to flow from within you out into your external world. Expect the best! The more you can appreciate the gifts you are receiving, even though the tide is out, the rapidly the tide will come back in.

Rest assured that the economic gloom will soon pass since a new wave of energy and economic prosperity is already flowing in. Be like the surfer who waits patiently and attentively in the water - ready to catch it!

Friday, September 05, 2008

The science behind sound

According to quantum physics, everything in the universe is in a state of vibration - from the nucleus of an atom to planets spinning around suns in both our own galaxy and distant galaxies. If it is vibrating, then it is emitting a sound.

One of the basic principles of using sound as a transformative and healing modality is that every part of the body is in a state of vibration, every organ, tissue, muscle, bone, system etc. Together they make up a composite frequency, a harmonic that is unique as a fingerprint. This personal vibratory signature encircles the whole body with an electromagnetic field, which clairvoyants perceive as the human aura, and which can be recorded by means of Kirlian photography.

Each of our bodies is a finely tuned instrument, capable of instantaneously changing its frequency based on its surrounding environment. This principle is known as entrainment. We only have to compare how we feel when we are lying out on the grass in an open field with being cramped on a crowded commuter train after a long day at work to realise that we are, in fact, changing our frequency, or state, all the time. Our environment affects us to a greater or lesser degree, depending on our physical, emotional and mental makeup.

When we are in a state of wellbeing or "sound health", we can say that the body is emitting an overall harmonic of health. However, when there is a frequency in our body that is counter to our health, it creates disharmony which often results in dis-ease. Using an externally created sound, coupled with clear, focused intention, it is possible to project a "healing" sound into the body, reminding the body of its natural resonant frequency, thereby restoring the blueprint for perfect health again.

In 1787, Ernst Chladni published "Discoveries in the Theory of Sound", describing patterns seen by placing sand on metal plates which were made to vibrate by stroking the edge of the plate with a bow. This caused a particular sound frequency which was transmitted through the plate to the sand.

cymatics photographInspired by systems research and the work of Ernst Chladni, Swiss scientist Hans Jenny began showing the effects of sound waves on many different types of material, including pastes, liquids, and plastics. Jenny placed these various substances on a steel plate, vibrating the plate with a crystal oscillator, and photographed the effects. He coined the term Cymatics, derived from the Greek kyma meaning "wave" and ta kymatika meaning "matters pertaining to waves".

Oscillators are devices which produce vibrations, for example an electronic massage device. If you turn it on and it will vibrate or oscillate. If you place the massager on a bone you can feel how the vibrations are amplified over your body. Touching the massager to your bone is akin to Dr. Jenny attaching his oscillator to a metal plate. The plate amplified the vibrations of the oscillator. From this, it is easy to see that our bodies are amplifiers of sound waves, or vibrational frequencies.

Dr Jenny's work demonstrates positive proof of the amazing power of sound to create form, and to change form. Water, which we all know makes up at least 80% of the human body, took on extraordinary geometric forms in Jenny's experiments.

Many who are attracted to Dr. Jenny's work are artistic and "right brain" by nature because they are inspired by the beauty of his cymatic pictures and are able to sense instantly what they mean. Yet Dr. Jenny's writings are pure science, setting forth a thorough study of vibration befitting an accomplished physicist and systems researcher.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Learning to receive: staying in the Heart

Learning how to receive is just as important as learning how to give because the law of circulation governs all areas of our lives.

If we are good at loving others, we must also allow ourselves to be good receivers of love and let others love us. If we are good at giving our time to our loved ones, we must also become willing to let others donate their time and energy to helping us when we need it.

If we do not honour this natural cycle of give and take, we will at some point experience lack because will not have enough to give to others. The universe is made of energy, moving in waves and cycles. There is a natural rhythm to life and as you tap into that rhythm you will notice there is a natural exchange of energy between you and the outside world.

Have you ever had someone offer you a gift for some work you had voluntarily done and you found yourself saying no, even though you would have liked to receive it at the time? Perhaps you saw the other as being poor and not able to afford to give you anything.

We are here to focus our spiritual power and create Heaven on Earth. We must choose to hold the other in abundance, gratefully receiving the gifts that the universe brings us through whichever channels are right and appropriate for us.

We are constantly choosing what we wish to manifest at each moment of time and point of space, with conscious intent or unconsciously. Therefore, let us choose to accept that abundance is everywhere, even where we cannot see it.

Often when you ask for something, you will find yourself going through unexpected changes to prepare you for having what you want. Your attitude or perspective may need changing to free an energy block.

If you are asking for more money but do not value your time and energy, spending all your time giving away your services, or pursuing activities that do not bring you joy, it will be much more difficult to attract it.

We need to give thanks in advance. Gratitude is not something we have to do because our parents told you to do it. The resonance of gratitude in your body takes us out of our head and into our heart. It allows us to open to receive more, raising our consciousness and magnetising us to what you want.

When we give thanks, the Universe sets up a sound to match our Heart Song.

Mental thanks is okay but it is the emotional, heartfelt sense of gratitude which is the most important. By giving thanks, you bring light through your crown center at the top of your head, through the gateway of your heart. If we can focus our attention on what we want, and stay open in our heart to receive the essence of our request, then we will have it that much quicker.

A feeling of gratitude and inner peace provides access to our abstract mind, balancing the left and right brain, allowing us to conceptualise with frameworks of beliefs and realities that lie beyond our habitual way of thinking. The abstract mind is able to see the larger picture of our lives.

You may have noticed that highly evolved souls and great teachers spend much of their time appreciating and thanking the Universe. In their meditation they feel true humility and gratitude for everything they are given, even during their darkest moments.

Creating a gratitude journal and listing the things you appreciate each and every day is a powerful way to link to the heart and become a conscious co-creator of your world. The process of writing down ideas and speaking them puts them out into the world of form infinitely more quickly than just thinking them. The hands and throat are two powerful centres of manifestation.

Gratitude is healing to the emotions. Imagine that your body is a pool of water and that your thoughts and emotions cast ripples, much like throwing a stone into a pond. Most of us have so many ripples that we are not able to distinguish between them. In fact, some ripples cancel each other out!

A state of mental detachment and emotional surrender from the outcome allows us the inner peace to receive the essence of what we have asked for. If we are tense, nervous, or stressed, then it will take longer for the outcome to manifest. Our energy flows best when we are relaxed.

To know what we truly need and manifest the essence, it is important to be still. When we are calm and clear and use the emotion of gratitude, we are using the most magnetic part of ourselves to attract events, people and objects.

A good affirmation to say each day is "I am a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual magnet, attracting to myself all people, places, circumstances and events which bless and prosper me in all ways. I am attracting my highest good."

The challenge then is to give thanks every day, no matter what. To feel this in your heart and to express it with your words and your actions.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Creating Money Through Right Work

I bumped into to an acquaintance the other day who had set up his own business and seemed to be doing quite well, although he seemed very tired. On enquiring about his low energy levels, he casually replied that he was "chasing the money" and that "we all have to, don't we?"

This is a false belief which is prevalent among the majority of people today, so check in with yourself to see if this represents how you feel about your life and what you have to do to provide yourself with an income. Ask yourself what ideas do you have about your world? What ideas do you have about money?

Remember that your energy and being are your gifts to the world in this lifetime. You will only become magnetic to money as you discover what you love to do and take small action steps to bring those activities into your daily life.

What makes you come alive? This vital clue will help you to manifest greater emotional and financial abundance in your life. Everything you enjoy doing - every job, hobby, or activity - involves using certain skills and abilities. What things do you enjoy doing in your job? What are your hobbies? What are you passionate about?

Asking key questions of yourself brings you closer to understanding your true purpose and how you can be magnetic to money. Constant re-evaluation of self is also vital. As Peter Goldman of the Centre for New Directions eloquantly states "we don't sign once for life!"

I happened to watch a movie trailer the other day and one line in particular encapsulated our individual and global desire to create a life that is in tune with the Infinite:

"You have a calling... You will be miserable for the rest of your life until you accept that."

If you are currently feeling stuck and disempowered, stop for a moment. Remember that at some level you have created the reality you are currently in. Your thoughts, words and actions have led you to where you are today. To change your reality, you need to change your thoughts, words and actions.

Inner change nearly always precedes outer change, else the outer change is transient and unsatisfactory. The more conscious you become of your energy, the less possible it is to sweep under the carpet those areas of your life which aren't working.

What you are doing right now has within it the seeds of your life's work. As you may have discovered, each time you get a new job you use many of the skills you have already developed. Each lays the ground for the next step. There is no such thing as a dead-end job, only a dead-end attitude. Make a decision to see the positive aspects of everything you do and search for a way to improve at least one thing that you do each day.

Life is a hologram, a projection of Infinite Mind, of which we are all a vital part. We see with our mind, not our physical eyes. To illustrate this last point, think of a time when you were looking for something and couldn't find it, only to have someone come up and say "Look, dummy. It's right in front of you!". We see parts of the tapestry of life but we cannot see all of it at the same time. This is the illusion we have created for ourselves.

It is important to see yourself as successful in the past, as well as in the present and future. Time is spherical, not linear, and by healing the past, you heal and empower your present and future. If you have experienced some "failures" there will be always be key learnings that you took from that, which can be viewed as a success.

Money is energy and responds to how you are feeling. When your physical, emotional and mental energy is clear and flowing, the more energy and time you have to give to others. Through right work, the money that you create from this clear, flowing stream is money of Light that will bring good to you and others.

As you continue along the path of joy, you become magnetic to abundance. Each time you receive money and you consciously acknowledge that incoming stream, you make it possible for you to receive more. Remember to pay all your bills lovingly to keep the flow.

If it resonates with you, try saying the following affirmation each time you have to write a cheque, or pay a bill:

"I circulate money out into the Universe for the highest good of all. I know that it will return to me multiplied."

If you feel afraid to take the first step to change your current reality, know that for every part of you that is afraid, there is a part of you that knows you can succeed. Also, remember that it takes vaster amounts of energy and time to do simple work which isn't in alignment with your highest path than it does to do complex work which matches your skills and abilities.

As you continue to seek abundance, remember that more money alone will not bring you inner joy or love. The intangible gifts are the real, eternal gifts from Spirit. Money is just a reflection of how you are feeling, your inner state.

Are you feeling joy?

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Manifesting Perfect Health

We have a tendency to be well. Each cell of the trillions of cells in our bodies knows this and diligently plays its role to help us maintain optimum health and vitality.

However, quite often throughout our lives we may find ourselves faced with health challenges, some small and some big. The key is to understand the metaphysical reason for dis-ease and realise that our bodies are the perfect feedback mechanism, mirroring to us the quality of our choices of thought, feeling, emotion, breath and nutrition.

In each moment, we must endeavour to be self-aware and ask ourselves if we are affirming the life principle or denying it. Are we struggling against life or are we honouring it? Whenever we are unwell, no matter how big or small the condition, we are invited to remember that we are being given a message.

Total acceptance of one's condition and present state allows the possibility of perfect health to manifest again because it implies a state of non-resistance. In a neutral state, we allow ourselves the possibility of focusing our vibration (thought and feeling) on the desired outcome.

Whenever we focus on the discomfort, the irritation and the pain, we are merely reinforcing the reality that already exists. Being neutral in the face of discomfort allows the possibility of a different reality to manifest in the body.

Forgiveness of oneself, others and the condition neutralises any internal resistance which is continuing to create the reality we wish to be free of. Forgiveness brings mind, heart and body into a state of equilibrium and paves the way for a new, higher vibration to manifest.

Gregg Braden, author of The God Code, and The Isaiah Effect, points out that "the diagnosis of a condition is not necessarily either incorrect or correct. In the absence of allowing for other possibilites, it is simply incomplete."

In a world of infinite possibilites, prayer is a vital way to reconnect with the Godself within each and everyone of us and restore balance to our inner and outer worlds. Jesus always recognised his relationship to his Father, All-That-Is, by saying "my father and I are one" before he performed any sort of healing. His inner knowledge allowed him to tap into the power of the Universe to create miracles.

Today, many of us have been socialised to rely purely on Western Medicine which sees the body as a complex machine, whose parts need fixing from time to time. We have allowed ourselves to become separated from the truth and because we have given our power away so often, we struggle to regain our health and self-esteem when faced with a major illness. Anxiety and worry are the norm.

We must learn to recognise the body as the vehicle for the Soul, a living consciousness. We know that we are more than just a body and prayer can establish perfect pattern of health in the body by tapping into the divine blueprint. Rather than being an outdated form of healing, prayer is both a timeless science and art form. The Essene masters invited us to focus the power of prayer's individual elements - thought, feeling and emotion, experienced as our mind, heart and body - into a single, focused outcome. Essene texts remind us that our body, heart and mind work together in much the same way as a chariot, horse and driver.

The veil between worlds is quickly disappearing. Time is appearing to speed up and the effects of our choices are being seen more and more quickly in our lives. We are a part of all that we perceive in this world, so how will we choose to define ourselves as we begin to wake up and remember who we really are? Will we make self-empowered choices that tap into our inner wisdom and abilities to heal ourselves, or will we continue to be slaves to those who would disempower us, so that they can profit from our lack of trust in Spirit?

Choose health. Choose life. Choose to reconnect with the deepest part of yourself that transcends time and space and be free from the illusion.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Quantum realities

Which reality are you choosing right now? What are you choosing to give your focus and attention to? You are the co-creator of your destiny and this is happening every moment of every day. Your destiny is simply the manifestation of your dominant vibration. That is, what you are thinking, feeling and saying to self and others.

You have the potential to tap into greater possibilities than you are currently experiencing. Every moment of every day is filled with limitless possibilities and infinite potential, yet we often allow ourselves to see ourselves as victims and blame everyone and everything else for our feelings, thoughts and actions as well as the predicaments we find ourselves facing.

The term "alternate realities" or "quantum realities" is often used in spiritual or metaphysical circles to describe realities that are we are living in parallel to our current expression in this time-space reality. Spiritual Response Therapy has taught me that clearing past lives, "future lives", "parallel lives" and "parallel life bleed" can dramatically alter one's experience of present day reality. The clearing works but the question remains to most of us, how do we know such things really exist?

The truth of the matter is really that we are constantly shifting between these different realities all the time, even if we are not conscious of it. Each time we make a decision, or fail to make a decision, we change our quantum path.

The science of quantum physics has demonstrated that two atoms can occupy the same point of space. Such an outcome is called a Bose-Einstein condensate, honouring the authors of the equations that predict such an occurrence. Jeffery Satinover reports that Bose-Einstein conditions have occurred with "condensates of up to 16 million merged beryllium atoms" formed in the laboratory in the late 1990s.

That is an incredible message to us all. The outcome of any situation is not set in stone. Every possible outcome exists at every moment of time and space and it is our conscious or unconscious intention that affects which outcome unfolds before us.

This, of course, is good news when you want the situation to change but perhaps unsettling when you want security.

However, when you perceive that things are not going right, you can lift yourself above the illusion and claim back your power by affirming that things will go well and that a happy, satisfying ending will occur. Remember that an affirmation is not an idle wish - there must be a conscious intention to link to your higher self/mind and recognition of your relationship to the Divine.

You already have a deep connection to Source/Spirit/God just by being you. Yet, having forgotten who we are, it is necessary to remind ourselves to listen to our internal sensing mechanism, that is to say our thoughts and feelings, to determine whether we are in the flow or are feeling resistance.

If we are feeling resistance, we are putting your attention, energy and focus on the opposite of what we truly desire. So, it makes good sense to practice letting go of negative habitual thinking to affect our quantum reality.

This was brought to my attention once again the other day when my wife and I decided to take a short break away together. Her company had already paid for her flight and accommodation to go to Morocco for business reasons and she felt it would be fun to get away together. Once there, her business itinerary was brief, so most of her time would be free to spend with me. All we needed to do was book a flight for me and we could have a beautiful holiday in a place that we always wanted to visit at hardly any cost to ourselves.

However, we happened to switch realities when her company decided at the last minute that it had to send her a couple of days later than envisaged. We felt a great amount of internal resistance to their decision and quickly realised that we both needed to align ourselves with what we wanted, rather than what we didn't.

Linking in to my High Self, I allowed myself to feel the possibility of my wife saying to me "yes, we're going on holiday together and my company is paying for the change of flights and extra nights' accommodation". I visualised her happy face and really got the feeling of it - then I let go of the outcome and left the "how" up to the universe.

Sure enough, this all happened, and we felt blessed by the outcome. If we had continued to hold thoughts of frustration and disappointment, then we would have seen a different reality unfold before us.

Quantum realities can be seen like going on a train journey. Quite often the train can change tracks and you can end up in a totally different place. If you end up somewhere you like then there is no need to change anything. However, it might take another (train) journey along a different path to get you back on track and finally to the destination you wanted.

The more we can practice being aware of our own thoughts, feelings and actions, the quicker we will free ourselves from the tapes of the past that bind us and create futures that serve us, rather than realities which we feel helpless to change.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Spiritual healing for Humanity and Mother Earth

Spiritual healing means drawing out the health that is already divinely inherent within each person and situation. Healing is blocked when we focus on a seeming problem and try to banish it because whatever we focus upon tends to increase.

Fear is misuse of creative energy. Focusing upon our problems engages our egos and lowers our emotional energies putting us into a state of fear, thereby attracting the very thing we want to avoid.

Jesus Christ showed us through his example that we heal by recognising the Divine perfection within everyone and every situation. Today, we are being called upon to rise up to present day challenges and do the same. Not only in our personal day-to-day challenges but also on a global scale.

The other day while watching the wonderful documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" by Al Gore, former Vice President of the USA, I was struck by his sense of urgency and purpose in bringing the very real message of global warming to the world, country by country, person by person. He reaches out to touch the hearts and minds of his viewers, very clearly explaining the causes of global warming and the highly visible, detrimental effects that it is having on our planet today. Funny and engaging, he exposes all of the myriad myths and misconceptions that surround it. (To learn more, please visit

The documentary is a sad reflection of humanity's greed (of those in power) and ignorance (of the general public) which has led us to where we are today. The world's scientists are in agreement that we have little time left to act together to avert a major catastrophe that could send Planet Earth, our home, into a tail-spin of destruction involving extreme weather, floods, droughts, epidemics and heat waves.

We can no longer afford to view global warming as a political issue - rather, it is the biggest moral challenge facing our global civilization and we must start to see each other as a global family to have any real chance of changing the course of history.

In contrast to the dire flooding and extreme weather patterns which would cause huge displacement of peoples all over the world (it is estimated that 100 million people could be affected), Gore clearly demonstrates that humanity has the power to dramatically change carbon dioxide levels to below what they were forty years ago, if only we can wake up and each do our individual bit.

It’s vital for us to take action such as recycling, reusing, and reducing energy expenditures but we must do so from a place of love instead of from fear. We can recycle because it’s a gift that we give to Mother Earth to honor her and it is also a gift that we give to ourselves. We can switch to eco-friendly cleaning supplies because it feels healthy to be free of chemical pollutants. Whatever we visualise is what we attract and experience, so we must see ourselves living in a clean, healthy planet with food and shelter for all.

Shifting consciousness is an important aspect of changing how we interact with our world, and with each other. True change comes when there is openness, love, and a lack of boundaries between us. We must always seek to see with the eyes of love and ask how we can be of greater service to each other.

When you look at the man, woman or child on the street, how do you perceive them? Do you acknowledge their inherent divinity, or do you only see the outer shell, their personality? Do you cast your beliefs, perceptions and judgements upon them, condemning them for not being as enlightened as you or do you smile inwardly and offer them compassion and non-judgement? Let us remember that a person is not their behaviours and that we all have the capacity to change and grow.

An uplifting thought to have which often helps me to stay centered in difficult situations is "that person is doing the best they can", and maybe they are!

Last but not least, let us all remember to love ourselves for we can only do the best we can each moment of each day. Being kind and loving to ourselves will allow us to naturally extend that behaviour to others and takes us into a higher flow, blessing us with insight and guidance.

Gaia, the sentient being that is Mother Earth, is willing to help us heal if only we are willing to listen. Let us open ourselves up to the wisdom that is within and all around us and be guided by our higher natures, not our lower ones.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Working with sound for healing

Sound is all around us but do we ever really listen?

If you are one of those people who live in a big city, then it is highly likely that you are constantly bombarded by a vast array of different sounds, some of which seem pleasant and resonate with you, many which you filter out, and yet others which may irritate you somewhat or perhaps drive you crazy. I know from my own experience that I often find the sound of piercing police sirens difficult to deal with.

Jonathan Goldman, author of "Healing Sounds" and "Shifting Frequencies", makes the point that all sounds are sacred from the higher dimensional perspective. However, it takes a sizeable shift of one's own frequency to turn the sound of a jackhammer or police siren into something palatable. Indeed, there are many beautiful sounds we can turn our attention to before we tackle the much more difficult task of listening to sounds which do not immediately resonate with us.

Hearing is a passive action whilst listening is an active one. It is through the latter that we can begin to awaken our consciousness to the melody and rhythms of life and how everything is interconnected. Listening allows the listener to move beyond the sound into the essence of creation. Rudolf Steiner knew this when he said that the Spring song of birds was the necessary element to bring the plants into bloom.

Cutting-edge Science is now beginning to validate the truth that sound creates form. Everything that has ever existed or will exist in this Cosmos is a complex web of interconectedness, woven layer upon layer, frequency upon frequency. Cymatics shows how sound creates the sacred geometric patterns on which the whole of life is built.

This is not a new truth but an old truth revisited:

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."
John 1:1

"Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof."
Proverbs 18:21

"An evil man is ensnared by the transgression of his lips, But the righteous will escape from trouble."
Proverbs 12:13

Let us remember then that we are highly sensitive energy beings expressing through the physical body.

The pioneering work of Japanese Scientist Masuro Emoto has demonstrated the effect of ugly thoughts and harsh words on water crystals. He has shown time and again that the crystals form into ugly, damaged ones. We all know how it feels to receive a kind word and we know how it feels to receive a harsh word.

The words "you make me sick" produced an ugly, distorted crystal formation, whereas the words 'love and gratitude' produced the following beautiful crystal:

"Always aim at complete harmony of thought and word and deed. Always aim at purifying your thoughts and everything will be well." Mahatma Gandhi

Of course, we do not have to let the thoughts and words of others affect us but we do need to remember that our own thoughts are words are constantly affecting us. Sooner or later we see the effect of this in our lives.

In terms of healing it has been said many times that the human body is like an orchestra and that if we are well, everything can be said to be playing in tune. However, when we are ill, there will be parts of us that are out of tune and throwing our body system out of balance.

We can use sacred sound to bring ourselves back into balance and the easiest way is through using our own voice and clear intention. Whilst remembering the magic formula of Sound + Intention = Manifestation/Healing, we can tap into the power of sound through toning and chanting vowel sounds.

"As we change the malleable structure of the voice through sounding vowels, we vibrate different parts of the body." Susan Elizabeth Hale

"Sound is living material. Music is a ladder of precise harmonic laws co-ordinating the ascent and descent of consciousness and matter." David Hykes

You do not need to be properly trained to start this profound work. You just need practice and commitment. Sound clears the static energy of the body, moving through it to create a space for healing to take place.
We should remember that we have the underlying tendency to be well and our body has an infinite intelligence that knows how to take care of itself. The reason so many of us suffer in body and mind is because we program our minds with false beliefs and erroneous ideas which flow contrary to the life principle. Sound is a way of bringing ourselves back into alignment with the life force within.

To do the following exercise, please make sure you find a safe, quiet space where you won't be disturbed. If you feel self-conscious, then the exercise will not be effective. Do not let others' doubt or cynicism prevent you from self-discovery.

Each of our major chakras has been said to have a particular key or note. However, different theories abound as to the correct note. As we are all slightly different in our energy make-up, the best way for you to tune-up your own body is to follow your intuition when toning.

Generally speaking, you would start with the base chakra making the lowest note that you can, and then incrementally raise the pitch as you progressively move up to each succeeding chakra. To find the correct pitch, just get your mind out of the way. You cannot think which note you need since you need a right-brained, intuitive method to hit the correct note.

Jonathan Goldman recommends working with the following vowel sounds to clear and balance each of the major chakras:

Uh as in 'curd' (Base)
Ooo as in 'you' (Sacral)
Oh as in 'go' (Solar Plexus)
Ah as in 'bar' (Heart)
Eye as in 'my' (Throat)
Ay as in 'say' (Third Eye)
Eee as in 'me' (Crown)

Let the sound come from deep inside yourself but there is no need to strain your voice, so choose a level that is comfortable for you and refrain from over-extending yourself.
We need to trust and allow ourselves to be a vehicle for sound from the higher dimensions. If we trust, then the "right" note will come out. It may not sound pleasant to our ears but it will be the one that creates the shift. It is important to remember that not all sounds are melodious.

Once you are comfortable making sounds, you may also like to experiment chanting mantras (sacred, sonic formulas used in meditations) or sacred words like the Om, which has been called the sound of the universe. Om is the first sound and all sounds have their source in this seed syllable. Feel the O in the cauldron of your belly and let it rise up to the top of your head with the M. Sound the O and close the lips on M, letting the sound circulate inside your mouth.

For those of you who are Reiki attuned and know the mantras for the Reiki symbols, it is wondeful to chant the symbols out loud. This can greatly magnify the quality of the Reiki energy coming through.
Please take time to rest and integrate the totality of your experience after your session. Also, drink plenty of good quality water afterwards to ensure you are not dehydrated.
If you do not experience much during your initial attempts, keep going. The rewards will outweigh the effort.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Awakening to our true identity and place in the Universe

This universe, as many of us are beginning to realise, is infinitely vast and complex and this life that we see is but a reflection of a much grander, vaster truth. God's infinite universe is filled with life and it is the height of egoism to think that humans are the only life form to exist or be self-aware. I have verfied the information I present to you here through working with my High Self and I believe that it is completely accurate.

Virtually every year across the world we are blessed with the formation of Crop Circles - a term used to describe complex geometric shapes, often circular, that have been "made" by the flattening of crops such as wheat, barley, rapeseed (also called "canola"), rye, corn, linseed and soy.

These astounding patterns have been largely dismissed by the media as fake but when you consider the evidence, it is obvious that these shapes could not have been created by mankind at its present level of consciousness, using its comparatively limited technology.

Wherever the crop circles are made, the stalks are gently bent horizontally, often with multi-level layering; the plants are not broken and continue to grow until harvested by the farmer. The plant and soil samples have been analysed in laboratories showing they are affected at the cellular level.

The hoaxes that were focused upon by our media actually insult the integrity of this incredibly intricate work, which is a major blessing from a highly advanced alien race called the Arcturians. My High Self assures me these patterns have been created each year across our entire planet for thousands of years - we have only just discovered them relatively recently.

The Arcturians believe that we all came from the same source and that we were all created in light. Seeing us as younger brothers and sisters, they seek to lift our consciousness and help humanity liberate itself from a course of self-destruction which is being instigated by darker forces at hand.

But much more than simply conveying a message of hope, the Arcturians are Masters of Frequency creating these powerful Sacred Geometric Shapes at key points on the World Grid to help restore balance to our sacred planet.

One aspect that unites all the crop circles across the world is that they occur in the vicinity of sites our ancestors considered sacred. Although these locations are known and watched during the summer months, no one has seen a crop circle in the process of forming. Usually there is a flash of light and the crop circle appears moments afterwards.

Our governments are very aware of the presence of extraterrestials, and their messages for humanity. So you wonder why more of this type of information doesn't come out in the press and on TV? Unfortunately, for many years, members of the dark forces have been acting insidiously; they have infiltrated key positions of wealth and power and own our networks. So, when such information has come out in the past, they have gone into action to stifle it or discredit it completely.

There was a great sense of awakening at the beginning of the 20th century and this was cut short by the short-sighted egotism of the few. We are now at that point again and it is time to open our eyes to the infinite possibilites and really demand to know what is out there.

For those of you who want to know more about Extraterrestrial Life and Sacred Geometry, I highly recommend reading "Hidden Mysteries" by Joshua David Stone and "The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life" by Drunvalo Melchizedek.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

The walls that block our highest good

As we move through our daily experience of life, sometimes we encounter people, circumstances or situations that bring us pain.

The natural reaction is to put a wall up around ourselves to protect us from further harm or hurt. When we were children these actions may have been necessary but as adults these walls that shield us from attack also serve to imprison us, breaking our lines of communication with ourselves and others, and preventing us from receiving intuitive guidance from our higher selves.

The responsibility of forgiveness and letting go rests with us. We have to learn to tear down these walls we have built around us. If you live in house surrounded by stone, how can you know what the sun feels like? Perhaps at first we need a window or doorway that will allow a little light in?

The way to do this is through the heart. This organ actually has an intelligence of its own far, far beyond what our mainstream scientists recognise who merely see it as a passive organ, a slave to the brain. However, those on the cutting edge of science are recognising what we light workers have known for ages past - that the human heart has its own intelligence which links us to the cosmos and all of life.

"Love is more than an emotion, it is the beam of energy that guides us Home into the arms of Infinity. And compassion is the nest that protects us from the unknown and our fears. The Sacred Space in each of our Hearts is the key, my friends. There, beyond the mind and its insistent thoughts that never tire, is a pool of calm clear water that is older than the most distant star." Drunvalo Melchizedek.

For those of you who are guided to, please read "Living in the Heart" by Drunvalo Melchizedek which is cutting-edge material on this most profound subject.

Notice that when you are feeling good, you feel light and you can probably sense that your heart feels open. However, when something happens that causes you pain, notice the tendency to move out of the heart down towards the area around your belly button. This area is where the seat of individuality and ego lies.

The key to breaking down these walls it to try to remain in the heart whenever something is going wrong. If you allow your attention and consciousness to move into ego, then it is likely that you will want to cause harm or hurt back, and that you will build a protective wall around yourself.

Whenever something causes you pain or tension, breathe deeply and let go. This is the first step since much of our tension can be released through the conscious act of breathing. Usually breathing is an automatic habit but it can be controlled through intention and will power.

Secondly, try to see the situation with the eyes of love and not hurt. Why is the other person acting that way? A loving word will often diffuse the situation quickly whereas a spiteful word will add fuel to the fire.

Thirdly, bless and forgive the situation. Ask yourself what life is trying to teach you. If you can quickly move to discovery of the "lesson", it is more likely that you will move beyond your own limiting response.

Fourthly, notice if you have constructed any walls to protect yourself and mentally affirm that you are loving and open. Say a prayer to connect you to your Mighty I Am Presence and ask your Higher Self to remove these walls and align you with your highest truth, letting the love and wisdom flow down from above.

There is great strength in being open and vulnerable. Society has taught us to be closed, which is causing us separation from God and those around us.

However, please be aware that being "open" does not mean that you should offload your emotions onto everyone around you. Being open means being aware of your thoughts and feelings and sharing them at appropriate times.

Being open means that you can let go of negativity so much more quickly than if you are closed. The river that has a dam around it has no outlet and the water level rises. If you consider that the human body is made up of 70-80% water and that water is responsible for carrying our emotions, we can quickly see that our negative emotions get trapped by our walls (dams) and become more intense (raise their levels).

Best to remove the dam and let the water circulate - let your emotions move through you and learn to let go of negative ones quickly.

Monday, February 18, 2008

When conversations don't go right

When someone says something you don't like, that challenges your perception of how life is, or challenges how you see yourself, it is your choice how you respond to that. You have a choice as to whether you take it personally.

If you react in a negative, unconstructive way, take some time out to reflect on what happened leading up to that moment. How were you feeling at the time when they said it? That is to say, what particular "state" were you in? Did you focus on what you heard (did you turn up the volume?) or what you saw? Did you blow things out of proportion (make a mountain out of a molehill)? Did they give you a particular look that really pushed your ego button?

The key is to learn from each situation and grow. You can then be prepared should a similar situation occur in the future. You should not expect difficulties to present themselves but you should be as prepared as you can be to meet them. Prepare for everything, yet expect nothing.

Keep an open mind and new solutions will present themselves to you. You can choose to respond a different way. Be aware of your own internal tension and take deep breaths to release it. Tap into source (see previous post on Short meditation for connecting to Spirit) and respond from a centred space. Socrates, the great ancient Philosopher, took time to go into a meditative state before meetings.

Try asking questions to find out why the other person said certain things or acted a certain way. If you allow them to respond in their own time, in their own way, then "in-sight" will come your way. Insight is literally to see inside, to understand the deeper reasons.

You might try asking open-ended questions such as "why do you believe...?" or "what makes you say...?" or "where did you learn that...?"

It is important to ask with the intention of discovering more about the other person, so that you can better understand them. Quite often the reason we fall into arguments is because we have one way of looking at the world and the other person has their own unique way. Therefore, you need to learn to be fluid and shift your frequency so that you can see with their eyes.

Note that if your intention is to manipulate the other into your way of thinking or behaving, however, then the outcome of the conversation is likely to be a negative one. If your intention is pure and you seek to enter a neutral space whilst putting aside your agenda, you allow yourself the possibility of transcending your own limitations.

If the other person is limiting the way they interpret life, your intention and neutral space will allow them to question their internal beliefs and perceptions. The likely result will be that they will see and understand your side of the coin, if only because you have endeavoured to see and understand theirs. The law of reciprocity then takes effect and produces a helpful, angst-free outcome for both parties.

Make your conversations fun. You don't have to agree to get on, so detach from your need to be right!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Using dreams to access higher consciousness

Do you dream at night?

Most of us dream but we have not been taught how to tap into our higher mind to harness the information that is revealed to us during sleep. You can awaken to the power of dreaming to facilitate healing and wellbeing. Dreams are one of the most valuable ways to get in touch with higher realms of consciousness and to develop a greater sense of Self.

Ancient Egyptians believed that in the dream state, transformation took place. Today, Native Americans today still use dreaming as an important way to keep in touch with the spiritual world and the Aboriginals in Australia believe that dreaming helps us recognise that we are part of a greater coherent whole - they call it the realm of the Great Spirit. These ancient cultures, and more modern ones, believe that dreams are an extension of our waking life and not to be ignored.

Through paying attention to their dreams, people have received insight and guidance in all matters of their worldly affairs. You can develop the skill of using dreamtime with intention to accomplish specific things you want to manifest in your life.

Being aware of your dreams will help you tap into your unconscious mind and reveal the deepest parts of yourself. Learning to develop your own interpretation is a key part to self-discovery and learning about your unique energy makeup.

Trusting your own insight and developing your own evaluation of what your dreams mean in your life is very important since the deeper aspects of your psyche communicates with images, scenes and symbols. These will have different meanings for you than they will for someone else because you have a unique reality that no one else shares.

As you approach sleep time, write down an intention for healing or something that you need guidance on, whether it be for getting over a cold or flu, guidance for a new job or help in a present job, help in a relationship, or finding a new relationship, removing blocks to create an opportunity, guidance to earn more money - the list is endless!

Quietly affirm as you drift off to sleep that you will recall important scenes upon awakening. It would be most useful to keep a diary next to your bed, so you can jot down the scenarios that have been presented to you as you sleep.

When you first wake up, practice remaining quiet for a few moments before going on auto-pilot and hopping out of bed. These first few moments are a very powerful time to consciously recall first thoughts, important feelings and dream memories. Jotting these thoughts and feelings down in your journal can be very valuable, even if you think they're insignificant.

When dreaming, observe the location and whether it seems familiar to you or not, and try to get a sense of where you are in the dream. Being aware of your environment will help when you analyse your dream. Does anything in the dream remind you of your waking life? Sense if you're inside, outside, what time of day or night is it and what the weather is like. Notice if you see any colours or objects. Anything that might seem out of place or out of proportion can hold special meaning as if the dream is showing you where its main message will be found.

If you have been suffering from ill health or have other troublesome disturbances, disharmonies or diseases in your life, you can ask to be given or shown a special symbol or object in your dreams that you could use to help facilitate healing for yourself.

Practice setting the right kind of intentions for manifesting health and healing in your body by thinking specific thoughts about the area to be healed. Replace any negative, self-limiting beliefs with a powerful flow of positive healing thoughts, images and feelings. You must trust that you will be healed, not idly wish for healing. Purposeful thought ensures that your subconscious will work on the problem during your dreamtime.

Pay attention during the day to any synchronistic events which may give you further guidance. You might be in a conversation with someone or have something drawn to your attention that may be important. Synchronicity happens all the time and takes on many forms - life can be full of wonderful surprises when we are open to the possibility of support from the universe.

Remember that your journal is for your eyes only.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Manifesting your dreams

2008 is a “1” year numerologically speaking, which means it is a good year for confident, creative new beginnings.

Adding all of the digits together, 2+0+0+8, we receive the sum of 10. Add these two digits together 1+0, and you have a 1. The number 1 means that our thoughts are instantly manifesting into form, so the key to enjoying a blissful 2008 is to keep your thoughts focused on love and everything that affirms the highest and best within you.

In order to take advantage of the high spiritual energy that is creating massive change across our planet, it is important to be aware of the different levels of our being that we use to co-create our reality.

Firstly, we have the action plane, the physical. This is the one most of us are familiar with - i.e. what are we doing to achieve our goals? However, it is not the only one and if we are constantly “doing” things without being aware of the other levels of our being, then we might just be missing the mark.

Let us start then with the mental plane and come back to the physical later.

The mental plane is where our thoughts reside. As mentioned in a previous blog “Thought forms” (April 08, 2007), whenever we think about something, we immediately form a mental image of it called a 'thought form'.

It may surprise you to learn that thoughts have shape, size, weight and even texture. If we have the same thought over and over again, it gains strength and may actually appear in our reality in some way. This process of thinking about something and then seeing it in our lives is called manifestation.

Our consciousness, or mind, then is responsible for producing the results we experience which we label as either good or bad. If we are fearful in some way, the energy tends to produce a negative outcome and if we are harmonious and loving, the energy we carry tends to produce a positive one.

Today, in our society, the most common ill is that our minds are constantly cluttered with all kinds of random thoughts which aren’t in alignment with our true purpose. If our thoughts are all over the place, then perhaps our lives are mirrors for our vacillating thoughts? As well as focusing on love, having steady thoughts is essential for conscious manifestation.

It is also important to be aware of our emotions. How do we feel at any given time and point of space? Usually, we move through the day entering various different states – happy, sad, joyful, disappointed, irritated, relaxed, nervous, to name just a few.

If we are thinking about something, we will usually have a conditioned, emotional response to it. As we become more aware of ourselves, we can learn to undo past conditioned patterns and stop generating negative emotions when we start to think negatively. It is the energy behind any thought which gives it strength and power.

Spiritually, we must be aligned with our purpose. It is important to realise that certain wants, needs and desires have been programmed into our subconscious but they may not bring us the inner joy, wisdom and peace of mind that we crave. If things are not working in your life, if you are hitting blocks and feeling down, you need to take time to just be. Relax, go for a walk in the local park and commune with nature, visit a place of worship and let you body and mind be filled with thoughts and sounds of a higher vibration.

Take the time to connect to your Higher Self/Higher Aspects of Consciousness. Please read "Short meditation for connecting to Spirit", published 07 June 2008. Once you feel connected, ask for guidance on moving forward. You may ask for advice on any subject. Once you have asked, let it go "knowing" that you will receive an answer. Ask that the answer be delivered clearly to you.

Lastly, is the physical aspect of manifestation. What are we doing to bring our dreams and goals into reality? What are the key steps we need to take?

It is important to listen and act quickly on inner guidance. At first, you may doubt yourself, but with practice you will develop your ability to sense what is right for you and what is not. Similarly, it is also important to analyse your results and do this with detachment and discernment.

We can now see that just “doing” without being aware of our thoughts and emotions, or the deep feelings we have about ourselves and situation we are involved in, is akin to walking in the dark. To really see, we must endeavour to bring our physical actions and our thoughts, feelings and emotions into one coherent, harmonious whole.

A good affirmation to say upon waking up is “I am a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual magnet attracting to myself all people, places, circumstances and events that bless and prosper me in all ways.”

I would also like to leave you with a powerful prayer from Doreen Virtue: “I ask that you open my heart to Divine Love, and help me to feel safe, protected, and energized. Please help me to adjust my life so that it is in alignment with my truth and integrity. Help me to release any emotional energy drains, now and completely. Help me to release any old anger, unforgiveness, resentment, or other emotional toxins, now and forever. Help me to have the courage to be my true self in all ways. Thank you, Amen.”