Thursday, August 23, 2007

Letting go of judgement

If you find yourself feeling particularly hostile towards another, it is a good idea to remind yourself that ugly thoughts create ugly situations and beautiful thoughts create empowering and loving situations. What are you choosing to create, right now?

We cannot change the outer circumstance without doing the inner work first. It is even more important to heal the relationships with those we are closest to. Quite often we run away from these challenges or put up a "brick wall" with the justified response "well, it's their problem, and if they can't change, then I certainly won't". This is negative ego speaking and it is important to recognise it, laugh, and forgive yourself and them.

Catch your thoughts. It is quite often because we wish to convince the other that we are right, that we get dragged into negative ego consciousness and the illusion of separation... we're right and they're wrong!

If someone you love and care about is looking at you with yesterday's eyes, judging you for a actual or supposed wrong committed in the past, you do not have to react with anger and judgement about how they are seeing you. Whilst they may be wrong, they are not responsible for how you think and feel about them. Only you are responsible for how you think and feel.

In the bible, Matt 18:21, Peter says to Jesus "Lord, how oft shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? till seven times?" and Jesus replied "I say not unto thee, Until seven times: but, Until seventy times seven." (Matt 18:22). Forgiveness, letting go, and moving on is key.

It is difficult sometimes because we all want our friends, family, colleagues and even strangers, to love us and we can easily get caught up in their perceptions. The best remedy is to say "I forgive you" and to remain detached. Perhaps, if you can remain detached, they will begin to see you differently but they may not and this is where the challenge lies.

You may ask what is the quickest way to reach forgiveness and move on? Send love!

You may ask how can you send love when they have hurt you, but if you do not, then you have fallen into Maya (i.e. Illusion) and are forgetting that they are really a part of you.

If a part of your body is hurting, you do not disconnect yourself from it. You want to know what's wrong, you want to heal it. You cannot do this by pretending that the hurting part is separate from you, that it is not really you. So, if you send love to them, you send love to yourself. The question to ask in every single life situation is "what would LOVE do now?"

We all have chances to re-create ourselves anew in the present moment. We do not have to repeat destructive patterns and it is only through loving action that we can create the life experience that we want. Remember that the only true belongings you have are your thoughts, words and actions. I invite you to consider, what are you thinking, right now? What are you saying, right now? What are you doing, right now?

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