Monday, May 14, 2007

Committing to self-mastery

The first step to self-mastery is to constantly remind yourself that you are the cause of your present reality. The second important step is to commit to taking positive daily action to change any aspect of your reality that is not meeting your needs. Remember that it is your Divine Right as a localised expression of the creative principle to experience joy, peace and harmony every day.

You are a droplet of water in the vast ocean of consciousness. There is no difference in the quality of power that you can call into your life, only the degree. Waking up and bumbling along in life is not going to serve your long-term goals. It takes committed, dedicated action, along with a sense of humour.

The first thing to realise (and constantly remind yourself of) is that you cannot attract into your life that which you desire if your vibration does not match it. If your dial is set to 100FM, you will not receive the broadcast from 106FM. The inner work must be done first to achieve your desired frequency.

Prayer is a most effective tool for attracting what you want but you need to learn how to pray first. Asking in an insipid way is not going to cut the mustard because the universe does not respond to this way of being. If you say to a dog, "please sit down", it would most likely ignore you and continue to frolic around. If, other the other hand, you say "SIT DOWN" with complete authority in your voice, then it will obey you.

The same is true of the universe. If you ask, believing that you will receive or, better still, that you have already received it, then it will manifest in your life. The key is keep your mind ‘steady in the light’ and not to self-sabotage. We live in a dimension where time and space exists, so it is important to maintain a positive attitude that your desire will manifest at the right and perfect time.

The second thing to bear in mind is that you must celebrate any match that demonstrates that the universe is listening to you. If you want money and you affirm “Abundance is a feeling and I love the feeling of abundance all around me, therefore greater and greater prosperity is coming to me now”, and you find a penny on the ground, celebrate your good fortune! It is your chance to affirm that your receiving channels are open. If you choose to deny the match, and curse your “bad luck” that you have only received a penny, then you will be saying to the universe that you do not believe in yourself, in your prayer, and ultimately the power of the universe to deliver wealth to you in perfect timing.

If, when saying your affirmation, you feel any negative thought arise from your subconscious, demand that it leave your consciousness immediately. Reject it and replace it with a life affirming thought. It is crucial to weed out negativity from your subconscious and you can do this through the practice of asserting your personal power over it.

Through prayer you are speaking to God. You are part of God and vice versa, so how can God not hear you? Do you honestly think that a force which is omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient cannot hear your requests? If you replace the word God with the word Life you will form a more accurate picture of "who" God is.

Through meditation you are listening to God. Instead of letting your mind run amok, still your mind and allow your intuition to guide you. The best way is to put your hand on your heart and wait. The language of the soul will speak to you through your deepest feelings and thoughts. You may also see images and/or hear voices or other sounds. If your mind is noisy at first, be an observer of the clutter that is within and let it go. Watch it as you would watch a film at the cinema where you see the scene once - you don't replay it over and over again.

The daily practice of prayer and meditation is the way to bring yourself into alignment with your Higher Self and God.

If you do everything “right” and you do not receive the expected answer to your prayer, then perhaps what you desire is not right for you. When making demands of the universe, you can say “God, this or something better” or words to this effect. Be open and listen to any inner guidance.

Have preferences but let go of your attachments. If you desperately desire something in order to be happy, the universe may not give it to you because it is a life lesson to be even minded and joyful no matter what the exterior circumstance is. This is a tough one but we are constantly given opportunities to practice detachment.

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