Sunday, April 08, 2007

Thought forms

Whenever we think about something, we immediately form a mental image of it called a 'thought form'. If we have the same thought over and over again, it gains strength and may actually appear in our reality in some way. This process of thinking about something and then seeing it in our lives is called manifestation.

Our consciousness, or mind, then is responsible for producing the results we experience which we label as either good or bad. If we are fearful in some way, the energy tends to produce a negative outcome and if we are harmonious and loving, the energy we carry tends to produce a positive one.

For example, if a man is constantly jealous of his wife and fears that she will cheat on him and nutures that fear every day, week after week, eventually through the law of vibration a sequence of events will occur that will cause his wife to find another partner and leave him.

If we are constantly anxious and fearful in our heart about what may happen, then uneasiness pervades our consciousness and it works to create that which is bothering us.

If a man is looking for employment and strongly believes he is worthy of a suitable position for his skills within a good company and confidently plays the imagery of finding the perfect job in his mind, he will eventually be guided to such a position.

If we are quietly confident and grateful in our heart about the hidden potentialities of the future, then peace and power permeates our consciousness and it works to create the perfect outcome to match our vibration.

Thought forms can become very powerful but once a firm decision is made by the conscious mind not to entertain future similar, disruptive thoughts then the thought form rapidly loses its vitality and strength. Just as a flower or leaf withers and dies when it is cut from a plant or tree, a negative thought form dies when it is no longer nourished by additional negative energy, which stems from fear-based thinking.

With regard to sending out negative thoughts to another person, this is rather like writing an email using a mail client where the email is automatically stored in your sent items. The person sends the email but a digital copy is stored on their hard disk. Fortunately, the intended receiver of your email does not have to download the email to their inbox and can bounce the email back to the sender.

The cumulative effects of practising mind control are enormous and the daily practice of being self-aware makes holding positive thoughts easier. Meditation, prayer and writing in a journal are effective tools to help us observe any discordant mental thought patterns and change our negative behaviours into positive, harmonious ones.

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