Friday, August 04, 2006

Seeing beyond the illusion

If life is “maya” (illusion), and we can choose how we experience the illusion, then why do we so often choose to let worry sabotage our dreams and true desires?

Much of the answer is due to past and present programming, especially social and cultural. The other is due to the observation cycle and the law of attraction. Remember that the law of attraction gives you more of what you give your attention, energy and focus to, whether wanted or unwanted.

Have you ever noticed that when an important part of your life (health, love, job etc) is going really well, the knock-on effect it has on all the other areas? Equally, have you noticed that when an important aspect of your life is going badly, it has the capacity to create havoc in other areas also?

Can we break the observation cycle when things are seemingly going wrong and causing all areas of our lives to feel unstable? The answer is definitely yes! The key is to realise that life is an illusion, a contextual field which allows us to give birth to new desires and the subsequent manifestations of those desires. We merely need to choose to "see" the opposite of what we are experiencing, should our present reality be far removed from our desires.

This is not self-denial. Rather, this is about raising your vision and allowing yourself to see clearly despite the darkness.

In the film “What the bleep do we know”, it showed quantum scientists conducting an experiment where they asked their subjects to look at a certain object, then to close their eyes are visualise the same object. In both instances, exactly the same parts of the brain lit up. There was no difference!

So, if you imagine your reality as you would like it to be, your mind cannot tell the difference!! The more real you can make your experience in your mind, the quicker it will manifest.

Allow yourself to feel the experience, really FEEL it. The touchstone of all of life is how you feel at any given moment in time. Your feelings determine your vibrational set point and what you are attracting into your life. If you can synchronise your body and mind, the result will be a rapid manifestation of your desires.

Remember that you deserve to live an abundant life. The universe does not recognise or acknowledge lack, unless you do! The law of life is the law of abundance! Therefore, if you are receiving additional sums of money or financial reward, remember that you are not depriving anyone else of their share. Don’t buy into scarcity thinking!

Be confident about what you want to achieve. Try to get a sense of how it would feel to live your dream and fulfil your deepest needs and desires. Value yourself and what you have to offer to society.

Once you start to use creative visualisation as part of your every day life, you will get inner prompts to take action. Follow this guidance and you can also seek the advice of wise friends and people who have walked the path you wish to take.

Make a decision to commit to your dream and choose a different reality! Not making a decision is like making a decision for everything to remain the same.