Friday, March 17, 2006

Intimate relationships

If we accept the idea that we are created from the Divine, the One, then it is only natural that we should seek to remember our Divine Heritage and want to, once again, unite with our Source of Being. One of the primary ways of doing this is through our relationships with others, and especially through our intimate relationships.

Men are one part of the equation and the women are the other. We are naturally attracted to the “opposite sex” and physical love, especially sex, is a result of our desire to be “one” with the Divine. You might question why there are same sex relationships and the answer lies beyond the exterior; within each man there is yin (female), and within each woman there is yang (male). Therefore one “man” might be very female in his manner and being and another “woman” might be very male in her manner and being.

Whether an opposite sex relationship or a same sex relationship, it is observable today that our “love” for the other is not love in the highest sense that it can be, especially in the West. We are needy in our affections, rather than enjoying the act of loving without the need for anything, and we often expect them to make us happy or even to make us complete.

It is important to realise that no one can make you happy or complete. Other people can give you cause for happiness but only you can find joy and peace, within yourself.

It is often when two people enter into a relationship, with unrealistic expectations about what the other can do for them, that it turns “sour”. This either happens quickly, or slowly, depending on the underlying expectations. Sometimes, the two individuals will be very good at concealing their true feelings and will happily act in the manner that their partner wants, until they feel they are safe to reveal their true identity and their expectations. The irony is that all this often happens unconsciously.

So, when we enter yet another “disastrous” relationship (it’s the same person, just the face has changed), we fail to see why this has occurred. The relationships you attract are always determined by your feelings and thoughts, which causes you to send out vibrations to the universe and draw to yourself vibrations of a similar kind.

Your thoughts, and the way you feel (which is to say your sponsoring thought - the thought behind the original thought!) is the point of your attraction, and will determine the people, places, circumstances and events that you attract into your life.

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