Monday, March 13, 2006

The gift of imagination

The gift of imagination. Are you using it enough?

Imagination is the key to transformation and the manifestation of your heart's desires, so rather than being a waste of time, it is actually a productive use of time. Most of us are so used to the negative conditioning imposed upon us by society that we have long forgotten how to bring our desires to fruition through the power of intent and consistent focus.

Remember that your intention (i.e. the reason why you do something) gives birth to change, and that your focused attention waters the seed of intention and allows it to grow and blossom into the living, breathing manifestation that you see with your mind's eye.

People are usually dismissive of visualisation techniques because they merely try them for a day, perhaps a week at the most, and give up before the miracle occurs. Have you done this?

If you can keep visualising and make your reality almost tangible, then the unwritten laws of the universe will bring your desires to you, and more. Be as detailed as possible. Whether it is a dream home, or car, or holiday, acquire cuttings from magazines or the internet, and stick them in a box, which you should label as your "dream box". Keep reviewing the material whenever you feel happy. Be playful. Having fun is the key!

Avoid going through the cuttings in your dream box if you feel negative because it will probably heighten your sense of "not having" your desire and cancel out a lot of the good work you have done.

Keep your mind open and fill it with beautiful thoughts, often.

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