Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Where's your focus?

Whether you are working at a job, or you are running your own business, take time out periodically to ask yourself "how can I best serve others through what I do?"

If you are part of a team, try to get a high level view of the goals of the team. It is very good to focus on your role and to excel at that but it is also important to understand the wider implications of your work. Doing this will allow you to see aspects of your work in a different light and improve it accordingly, in line with the greater whole.

People will notice as you shift your vibration upwards, and both you and the team will reap the rewards in due time.

You may encounter resistance within yourself as you seek to go beyond your programmed way of thinking. Thoughts such as "why should I bother?", "I don't get paid enough", may surface. If you decide to acknowledge and weed out these thoughts, you will see that you will get more fulfilment from your work, people will respond to you and appreciate you better. Actually, you will be setting off a chain of events that will allow you to attract the raise you want. If your current boss is unwillingly to see the value you have to offer, someone else undoubtedly will, in due time.

You may also encounter resistance in the "real" world. Quite often, people around you are living in a fog and ruled by their egos and will assume that you are just in it for yourself and trying to "prove" something. They may confront you and try to sabotage your valiant efforts to think and act differently. In fact, the outer response to your change is valid, since you are "clearing" negativity from within and the outer world is mirroring this change.

Patience and perseverance is the key. The more relaxed you can be, the more the situation will dissolve by itself.

If you are working independently, for example as a small business owner, you still need to focus on others and your greatest challenge will be to overcome the usual worries that are commonplace as you seek to create both wealth and independence. If you start finding yourself doubting yourself or worrying that not enough money is materialising, start asking yourself "what do I want and what am I seeking to achieve?"

Worrying that the market is bad, or there aren't enough clients is a sign that you are sabotaging any positive currents you have set up and your desires will be delayed. Remember that your results are determined by your thoughts, nothing else.

"Statistics" and "facts" are based on the external, and on realities already created. You can choose, at any moment it time, how tomorrow will be. What will you choose? If you still believe in the negative stories around you, find the exception and concentrate on that. How many times have you heard about a "lucky" business person making lots of money in a "bad" market? If we could have looked behind the scenes, at the thoughts and the actions of that person, we would undoubtedly have seen positive thoughts and strong belief which caused circumstances and events to manifest a positive result.

Practice visualisation techniques and "see yourself" meeting your customers' or clients' needs. Get the happy feeling of the situation. Your imagination is a powerful tool and your results will change the more you can tap into this wonderful source of energy and power. Remember that the purpose of any business, small or large, is to solve other people's problems. The focus is not you.

It is important that you achieve the wealth and inner fulfilment you desire to create as well, so focus your mind upon the results you want to achieve but, in the long run, the results you achieve are a consequence of your desire to help others.

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