Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The reactive mind

Quite often, we absorb into our life experiences what one may term "negative" conditioning. So, instead of looking at each life situation uniquely and viewing it without judgement, we tend to react according to the residue that has been left in our mind.

If you can recognise that your mind is re-acting (that is to say acting out the experience again), this awareness alone will allow you to eventually transcend negative reactions that might be causing you to suffer unnecessarily in your life right now. It is only through the vehicle of the soul, and through living consciously, that you can create a new experience and transcend the karma of natural law.

We each have an emotional body and mental body, which are separate from and yet intertwined with the physical, which act as storehouses for both "good" and "bad" thoughts.

Negative thoughts that seep into our minds cause us to generate negative emotions, which then feed the original thought to create a monster over which we seem to have little control. An emotion represents the energy behind a thought and it is precisely this energy that affects you, on all levels of your being. If your emotion is sufficiently energised by a strong feeling, it has that much more power.

The key to releasing yourself from a downward spiral is to observe yourself without judgement. Often, we "beat ourselves up" because we have observed something within us that we do not like but this is counter-productive because, once again, we are causing ourselves yet more pain and more negativity. The cycle can only be broken by rising above the lower vibration.

Forgiveness is key. If you want to start experiencing a more stress-free life, then you must pay the price. The price is forgiveness, both of yourself and the situation(s) you find yourself in.
This does not mean you are condoning the action of another who has perhaps acted unjustly towards you, but it does mean that you can free yourself from the mind games that destroy your peace of mind.

Blessing a situation, and forgiving the other person(s), raises your vibration and your point of attraction.

You might find it hard to do at first, so don't condemn yourself if you find you have to play out all the negative thoughts that cascade into your mind before realising that you have, in fact, created your own internal tension.

If you realise all of this, even long after the event has passed, you are that much closer to changing who you are. The first step is simply awareness.

Remember: What you resist, persists. What you look at (without judgement, accepting what is), dissolves.

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